Sungguh Bukan Blog yang GoogleTranslate-able

Ini nih, kegiatan dodol saya yang sungguh menyenangkan: abusing GoogleTranslate! Saya ngikik-ngikik sendiri sejak tadi malam, gara-gara ini lho.

Ini hancur banget kan ya:

We, my husband and I, talking about a friend a few days ago. A friend who has a predicate is very cool in my eyes, although not the case in the eyes of her husband. No need diperdebatkanlah about this, my husband and I obviously have a different size on such labeling:)

Atau yang ini:

I post this curve for a single purpose, encouraging ourselves not to eat too much stress thinking about Sophie. At present it seems pellets Papa on Sophie began to fade, Sophie is getting hard to eat, as Papa comparable alemannya alemannya to me, began to ngeyel if notified

Kalau yang ini menurutmu bagaimana?

Satisfied bus run out? Take a look imaginable. Friday night I am going home, SurabayaNavan longest journey I’ve ever experienced: 15 hours! It’s all your fault I ran out of a bus ticket PWT majors, so it should come Cilacap bus majors. I woke up in the Wates who suddenly sullen because the bus was only running at 40 km / h and always sounding the horn every time there’s an object before him. I wonder what happens when I sleep, which clearly change the bus driver. Not to mention the trip to Purwokertonya andes. Errrr .

Mau yang lebih dodol? Nih

I reward myself by watching Sherlock Holmes. Nice, nicer than the 2009 release yesterday.

Ini juga kocaknya ampun-ampunan, artinya jadi berlawanan dengan yang versi bahasa Indonesia 🙂

Mami choose based on comfort, style of delivery. Should the people who deliver constructive criticism, and also showing the wrong solution. Not those who find fault alone and angry about it.

Hahaha, blog saya memang tidak kompatibel sama GoogleTranslate! Kenapa saya berurusan dengan GoogleTranslate, insyaallah besok-besok saya ceritakan ya 🙂