When We Were Young

When we were young the world seemed so old, careless and cold. We did what we were told in our lives. When we were young, we had the world by the tail. Good would prevail, starships set sail. And none of us would fail in this life. Not when you’re young.

We were drawn to whoever could keep us together. And bound by the heavens above. And we tried to survive. Traveling at the speed of love.

When we were young, when we adored the fabulous. When we were young, we were the foolish fearless. Never knowing the cost of what we paid for letting someone else be strong. When we were young.

And when you’ll look at yourself tonight, are you someone you recognize? You can take back what you’ve given away. But it must be the last time.

Entah kenapa sore saya jadi sendu menyimak video musik ini. Seberapa banyak yang telah saya lakukan di masa muda dulu yang meninggalkan bekas di diri saya saat ini?

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