Every Fire is A Lesson Learned: DEHP

Some say that when you are burned, every fire is a lesson learnt. For sure, you never know this until you have been safe from harm.

My safe-from-harm-moment from my recent heartbreak came in this form:

…. an obscure isolation paper, from an obscure Chinese journal…. Hahaha!

And here is the comment he mentioned:

alhamdulillah, i am lucky this way *cium tangan Papi*

That link brought me here:


This article is not a new thing for me. I have read it before. The first time i read it, it’s felt like a breeze, a kind of hope for my dead end work. DEHP is produced by fungi (and plants and algae as well. There are some reports you can find elsewhere). But then that hopes fell into pieces when i read this:

I screen-captured it from the 2nd chapter of Sarker’s Natural Product Isolation.

Couple weeks ago, my adviser forwarded an email from his colleague to me. I started to smile when i read that they were also isolated DEHP. So I am not alone: even a reputable research group from a reputable UK university isolates DEHP! (there is a difference, though. They instantly knew it, i barely had no suspension).

Back to the blog post I shared earlier, I found that people throwing hilarious comment to it. I laughed over and over again when I was reading it. You can have your own laugh too, here they are:

Why, Darwin, why? Hahaha!
DEHP + cortisone. Combo! Poor comrade.
some poor grad student. *ngaca* *ngakak lagi*
nutraceutical, ftw! Hahaha!

You can read the whole blog-post here, In The Pipeline. Yes, please, read it and another post, too. Derek Lowe has a bunch of interesting topic. He’s such a good writer, I enjoy most of his writing.

Mark Nelson write in that post-comment that you never know what nature is going to produce and weirder things have been known to happen. So I clicked the link from the next comment and found this:


It really happens! Oh, what do you say now, my friends? And what will I say to my advisor?

I’ve got my lesson, I say, with a generous bonus 🙂

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