The time is drawing near. All is good, as good as pregnancy at the middle of 30 would be.

What am i feeling? A kind of mixed up, to be honest. It’s not only about  delivering the baby, but also the life after it. About being the mom of two. About having party of four. Listening to my friends who had passed this through, all the abundances are perfectly normal. And so the fears.

Yes, baby, at this stage of life, joys and fears are the two sides of the coin. You can have both at the same time. So i accept them completely. I embrace them.

More or less, this is the proof of the power of sharing. Pak Suami presence help me a lot in coping the situation. I don’t have to think things, for he thinks and plans them for us. Having him near is one of things i am grateful most lately. Watch and learn, dear baby #2, in this case, you can learn from your father a thing or maybe two.

(So in my own shoe, the obsession of preggo-like-a-lady-thingy is checked. Yay!).

(A milestone for me. For the first time ever  i reach 60 kgs. And it’s still counting every single day. Oh.).

Sophie is the best sister-to-be. I believe she will be a caring sister.  Seeing how she interacting with her Dedek Hamad warms our hearts. Sibling rivalry issue? I hope we will cope well. We will try our best to cope it.

Oh, Dedek Hamad is the name she gave to her sibling. She said, while we haven’t found the name, we can call baby #2 with Dedek Hamad 🙂


on our 35w0d, about 35 days to go.

I pray the best for the baby, for Sophie, for Pak Suami, for my self. For the four of us in rumahliliput.