Mama, Sophie

The Right School

Sophie and her classmates visited Sekar, their friend who had been sick for about a week. Sekar’s Mom said that she would  go to school the day after. That night, Sophie made a welcome card for her. She drew flowers and wrote a note on a piece of paper. It said, “Selamat datang, Sekar. Yang semangat, ya”.

I picked up Syafiq earlier yesterday. Syifa, Sophie’s classmate while they were in kindergarten, took a close look at my hand. She asked questions related to my condition. When I said goodbye to her, she wished my hand getting better. “Mamah Sophie, semoga cepat sembuh, ya“.

These two occasions made me truly believe that we had chosen the right school for Sophie.


Sophie and her classmates. This pic is courtesy of Bu Mae, their teacher.