Can’t Have It All

Things that happened recently with people around me reminded me of this old saying: we just can’t have it all.

There are so many things we want to have/achieve/collect/obtain/proud of. Yet our capacity is way too limited. That’s when priority speaks: what is the most important one for you?

The best idea to follow, for me, is pursuing that most important one(s) and letting go the rest.

Gods created the universe with its complexity and human with two hands for purposes. I think one of those is to teach us that we have to understand that we just can’t have it all. No matter how many things you do want, you only have two hands to hold them once. You need to let some fall around your feet. You need to let go some that too far from your reach. Sometimes you have to use your mouth to bite and your body to snuggle with some when they were out of your hands.

Life is hard, eh?

Maybe. But please remember that those hands are yours. You are in total control of which to hold and which to let go. You are not in that weak position.

PS: When I was writing this post, a music player in my head played Can’t Have It All, Win Some Lose Some, and Come Back to What You Know. Usia tak pernah dusta, memang.

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