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A New Chapter: Daycare

We are on our first week of Sya’s daycare journey. The hardest part, I believe. It’s the second experience, indeed. Somehow it doesn’t make this second time any way easier than that of the first one. Let’s simply say that we are on the different circumstances. I mean, this time around and about 8 years ago.

It is worries galore.

We are worried about his meal. He is in a public daycare run by a local. Yes, we had made it clearly understood that Sya is a moslem.  Yes, Sya is not the only moslem toddler there. Yes, the daycare doesn’t serve pork to the kids and serve halal-certified chicken. Somehow this worry is just lingering around.

We are also worried about Sya’s language development. He hasn’t mastered Bahasa Indonesia (he speaks a sentence in two words, communicates well, has a very good vocabulary, somehow he’s just two years old toddler. There’s a so much more he needs to learn), yet he has to communicate in Thai with his sitters. How will he deal with it?

Sya always knows how to make the outsides see he has done good, and only shares his not-so-good-things with his family. His sitters said that his progress is good, less crying day by day, and he sleeps and eats well during his time there. Somehow, we witness how he copes with his sadness and fears each time we bring him there in the morning and pick him up in the noon (Sesedih apa melihat bocah yang sedih dan gelisah selama di gendongan  dalam perjalanan ke TPA, terus sesampainya di sana langsung jadi anak tegar yang tanpa nangis pindah ke pangkuan pengasuhnya dan mengucapkan selamat tinggal sama orang tuanya, coba?).

Oh, why the gene is inherited and expressed in you, Sya?

It’s hard for us, but I know it’s so much harder for him.

Why does a child have to suffer in the name of his parents’ choice?

In the end of the day, I am realized this is not the first time for us. We had survived it before. I know how it is played. I know how it will be rolled. Sya will be fine. He will cope it better than I thought. He is stronger than I expect. Yes, ye will turn out fine. InsyaAllah. Just like his sister years ago. May Allah help Sya through this, as we have done our part in the best efforts we can.





Well, well, here is the breakdown:

  • Sya is in 5 pics
  • Soph is in 3 pics
  • I am in 5 pics
  • Pak Suami is in 4 pics
  • There are 3 work-related pics

Somehow, my friend, let me tell you one thing. My life is not that depicted in my Instagram feeds. Not even close. My Instagram is curated, I only post things that I want people see. Just like a house, I only open a window. 

Thank you 2017, and hello 2018.