Bangkok, Mama

On Jamu, Indonesia Traditional Medicine

I’ve read a fair amount of references on traditional medicines and started to grip some concepts. It’s open my eyes, knowing how little I have understood this subject before, and how much I need to find out more. At the same time, it rose questions haunting me since then:

  1. What is the key concept, the philosophy, of jamu (as balancing doshas, the pitta, kapha, and vata in Thai Traditional Medicine or balancing the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine)?
  2. Why aren’t there references discussing it, why aren’t scholars write it? ( I wonder if Jamu – The Ancient Art of Herbal Healing by Susan-Jane Beers is the only modern textbook covering it. It doesn’t discuss the key concept, to start the argument with)

You start to question things as you start to read, they say.