Penghuni Rumahliliput




We are Keluarga Hamad from rumahliliput. We, clockwise, are Syafiq, Sophie, Pak Suami, and me.

Syafiq is the youngest member of rumahliliput. He is a baby with a happy personality, loves to smile, cuddle, and has his boobie time.

Sophie is a first grader now. She loves to draw, sing, dance, watch her favorite shows on Disney Jr., and sit her brother. She is the most artsy-bitsy one here in rumahliliput.

Pak Suami is one of God’s better people sent to our rumahliliput. He is the best father/husband we can have. He’s capable of doing things related to parenthood I couldn’t imagine before.  His patient and strength are beyond our needs.

I am the housewife of rumahliliput. I am the writer of this blog, so, I believe you can have a little picture of me through reading those posts.

rumahliliput, 1 December 2016 

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